For the past few years, I have been seeing my good friend, Charles Ulaya, busy promoting the Ulayaclassic movement. Initially, I thought it was merely about promoting those heavy muscle bodybuilders. But in recent months, I have embraced a different view.

Muscle bodybuilding is just a part of Ulayaclassic’s agenda. Ulaya says Ulayaclassic is a movement for all people. Their aim is to bring awareness on Non-Communicable Diseases. These are diseases which cannot be transferred from one person to another such as Cancer, Heart attack, Diabetes and Stroke.

Non-communicable diseases are a silent killer in Malawi. People rarely talk about them yet they are the worst killer. They are mainly worsened by our lifestyle. Ulayaclassic’s campaign is simple. This movement aims to bring awareness about exercises because exercises can reduce risk exposure. Exercise with a clean diet is key to reducing some of these.

As we start a new month, they are making an appeal to Malawians to join this movement. They are on a campaign to spread this awareness up to the end of this year. They are also encouraging people to go for tests for non-communicable diseases such as Diabetes and Cancer.

The movement will have several campaigns. They will be having the Ulayaclassic Bodybuilding competition and Tour De Lilongwe cycling race in this month of October, 2017. The Bodybuilding competition aims at exciting people as they watch the men and women competing. The Cycling race is a spice.

The movement is encouraging you to tell your friend about non-communicable diseases. You are also encouraged to tell your employers not to just budget for coffins and wreaths as they prepare their employees for their final resting place. Employers must be told to include in the 2018 budget a budget line for exercise. Companies must start putting aside funds for setting up gym facilities at their work places for their employees

Employers must start recruiting personal trainers. Ulayaclassic is prepared to assist companies in coming up with actions to implement work area wellness campaigns. Ulayaclassic is also partnering with with Ministry of Health, the Department of Non Communicable Diseases and Medical Aid Schemes. They will soon be featuring some officials from the Ministry on these subjects in their live programs on the social media.

Individuals and companies, that are interested in partnering with Ulayaclassic, may give me a shout and I will link them up with the movement.