About an hour ago, I received an interesting email from Trévo USA. The summary of it is that Trévo Corporate is officially opening an office in Ondangwa, Namibia very soon! And on the other hand, they are closing operations in Tanzania due to gross financial irregularities by Trévo Tanzania leaders.The email goes as follows:

Dear Namibian Life and Health Coaches,

It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce Trévo Corporate is officially opening an office in Ondangwa, Namibia very soon! Over the past 2 and a half years, Mark and Holli Stevens have closely watched the country of Namibia grow from a young soft-launched country, to a now vibrant, flourishing, and prosperous country within the Trévo Global Community! Life and Health Coaches all across the country of Namibia have demonstrated their true desire and passion for the Trévo brand, and have put forth an unwavering dedication and effort to have Namibia become our newest officially opened country to join our global family!

Today, we CELEBRATE every single Life and Health Coach and Elite Customer across Namibia, as you have demonstrated the need and desire for an official Trévo Namibia Office location! YOU have earned this!

However, in midst of such celebration, we must also share some hard news with you: Since 2014, we have been very proud of the journey our Life and Health Coaches in Trévo Tanzania vowed to take. Together, Trévo Tanzania and Trévo USA have been able to discover and spread the Power of Wellness to lengths Tanzania has never seen before- including to the wonderful country of Namibia! We all became part of the Trévo family, and as such, we would like to share what challenges we have been facing with full transparency.

Unfortunately, about one year ago, we discovered some members of the Tanzania. Country Directorship and Tanzania Management, alongside a select group of Life and Health Coaches, took part in serious and repetitive unethical activities of embezzlement of company’s financial resources- these included faking receipts, faking documentations, releasing products without collecting payments and embezzling monies intended for the payment of government taxe. We have come to a point in which we can no longer continue operations in Trévo Tanzania without disruptions and Trévo Corporate was met with no other choice but to cease our Tanzania operations on July 17th, 2018.

While these news sadden us greatly, and we are sincerely sorry that the actions of a few has affected the prosperity of so many, Trévo’s family is strong and we continue to move forward with high hopes and excitement to the future of our community, especially alongside the Namibia leaders! If you have pending orders with Trévo Tanzania, do not worry. If Trévo Tanzania is not able to fulfill your orders by July 17th, we will be fulfilling them as soon as we first open our doors in the office in Ondangwa.

Trévo is a COMMUNITY of individuals from different BACKGROUNDS, CULTURES, and AGES coming TOGETHER for ONE POWERFUL PURPOSE:  that ALL members of the community experience EXTRAORDINARY LIVING! We are looking forward to our bright future!

Your Trévo USA team

I have the following comments on this development:

  1. The opening of a Trévo office in Ondangwa is obviously a very exciting development for Namibia and Southern Angola. Namibia has a small population, but it is one country that is very enthusiastic about natural wellness. Many people are buying not only Trévo but also many other natural wellness products such as Essiac tea and Rain Soul. People have been losing a lot of money through inflated transportation costs by middlemen. Furthermore, there have been long delays in bringing the products to Namibia. With the office in Ondangwa, all that will be history now.
  2. I am against the closure of Trévo Tanzania. Trévo should have just punished the perpetrators of the financial irregularities and come up with a new team in that country. The closure of operations in Tanzania will bring serious problems to those people whose health has been heavily depended on this product in the past four years of Trévo’s existence in that country. Some people may end up dying because of the crimes of a few people. Under the leadership of President Magufuli, Tanzania has become less and less corrupt. Why doesn’t Trévo take those thieves to court? And with the closure of Trévo Tanzania, how will my people in Malawi be accessing these products now? All along they have been using the Trévo office in Mbeya. The same applies to Zambia. Trévo will lose a significant proportion of their business. After all, Tanzania is already a well established Trévo country. It is a  bigger economy with a bigger population than Namibia. I, therefore, advise Trévo to reconsider this sad decision. In the same manner, I would also like to advise the innocent Trévo Life coaches in Tanzania to put pressure on Trévo Corporate so that they rescind this decision.


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