Way back in the 1920s, a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse, started promoting Essiac tea as a natural cancer treatment. Actually,  she created the name “Essiac” by spelling her own name “Caisse” backwards. It is said that Rene was given the Essiac formula by her breast cancer patient, who had used it to cure herself of the disease. This recipe originated from a Canadian Ojibwa man.

Over the years, Rene refined the recipe, experimented it on mice and subsequently started using it to treat people suffering from cancer. This work dominated her life until her death in 1978. She was not charging anything for her inexpensive tea. She was only accepting free-will gifts from her patients.

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Rene was experiencing remarkable results. Some patients, who were deemed as hopeless and terminal by doctors,  were cured and lived 35-45 years. Dr. Charles Brusch of the famed Brusch Clinic in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who at one point served as the physician to John F. Kennedy, not only tested Essiac on patients, but proved its value against his own cancer.

Efforts to introduce Essiac tea to the mainstream faced a great deal of resistance from the medical establishment. To date, it still remains an unregulated treatment, despite many positive reports. Because of the same problem, there is very little research findings on Essiac tea.

Some people have argued that big pharmaceutical organizations are scared of losing a huge source of revenue should the use of an inexpensive, yet more effective tea such as Essiac tea be approved by regulation bodies.

Nevertheless, the use of Essiac tea is spreading rapidly especially through the social media, where people from all walks of life are sharing their personal Essiac tea experiences. I am in a few of these groups. Essiac tea is being used in many states in USA,  Canada, Mexico,  Australia, Europe, Asia, and even here in Africa.

I, generally, encourage anyone who is fighting cancer to use this inexpensive tea in their protocol. You just have to start with very small dosages and watch how your body responds. Essiac tea is much cheaper than Trevo and Rain Soul. I paid a total of US$96 for purchase as well as shipping of a packet of Essiac tea from the USA.

From that small packet, I can make 9.5 litres of Essiac tea, which will cater for 130 servings; it will take more than 4 months for one individual to finish those litres. On the other hand, for approximately the same amount, I can only get one big bottle of Trevo or one box of Rain Soul containing 30 sachets. Both of them can only last for one month.

There are many websites out there that are selling all manner of Essiac tea. Some of those teas are not good. They omit sheep sorrel roots, which are the most important ingredients. I will talk about these ingredients in more details in a separate post.

Having interacted with some leading voices in the Essiac tea industry, I know several legitimate companies that sell authentic Essiac tea. Should you be interested in buying this tea, please give me a shout; I will gladly assist you at no cost.

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