The closure of Trévo operations in Tanzania was hard blow, not just to Tanzania, but to all neighboring countries, such as Malawi, that were getting their shipments through Tanzania. In the case of Malawi, Trévo distributors were using the Mbeya Trévo depot.

There have been an acute shortage of Trévo in Malawi. The Trévo community in the country has been exploring many possible ways of bring Trévo to Malawi. One day, I discussed with one of my friends about the possibility of transporting Trévo from Namibia to Malawi. But after noticing that it will not make economic sense, we abandoned the idea.

Toward the end of last week, I got the news from friends in Malawi that they have finally agreed to start getting their shipments from Nairobi, Kenya. The cost of transportation and tax fees per box will now increase by MK1,0000.

Should you be interested in buying Trévo through the Nairobi depot, give me a shout. I will give you all the details on how to go about it.

In a nutshell, Trévo is an all-in-one health product, that contains 174 natural nutrients from plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables, gathered from the four corners of the world. It supplements the nutrients your body needs, for absolute wellness of your body.

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