When I was introduced to Rain International’s seed nutrition, I was usually let down by the long period of waiting for the products to arrive in Namibia. In the course of those disappointments, I stumbled on a US-based shipper, that has been very helpful.

Now I can buy anything online from the USA. My shipper consolidates the packages and from there, they can send the shipment to any place of my choice on the globe. I have space in their warehouse, where I can keep my goods for 30 days, after which they start charging.

They usually use the likes of DHL and Fedex, but due to economies of scale, they pay much lower prices and they relay the same to their customers. Once your packages have been shipped, you can track them on a daily basis until they are delivered to the destination of your choice.

If you are a regular reader of my blog and are interested in buying things from the USA and shipping them to any destination of your choice, I am more than willing to set you on that path. You do not to travel again to go and buy goods in the USA. You can do everything in front of your PC in the comfort of your home.

In my case, I have bought Rain Soul and Core through this shipper and sent them to Namibia and Malawi on several occasions. Just two days ago, I bought ASEA products and will ship them to Cape Town, South Africa. By the way, I am in the process of relocating to Cape Town.

Should you be interested in shipping packages from the USA to any destination of your choice, feel free to contact me.