Many of us were raised with a firm understanding that when we get sick, we go to the hospital and well trained physicians will examine us and recommend some treatment procedures. We usually put all our faith in the medical systems and we believe everything that they tell us about the condition of our bodies and the necessary steps that we have to take in order to get well.

There are many honest physicians that are working hard to help people that are suffering from illnesses. They do it, not as a job for which they receive a paycheck, but as a calling from God upon their lives. May God richly bless all these selfless medical practitioners!

It is, however, very sad to learn that in the midst of all such good people, there has arisen a bunch of dishonest and fraudulent fellows, who are using the trust that people have for them for their own financial again. This problem is very serious as it is affecting even the high level regulatory bodies.

The article, published by theBMJ, quotes Sophie Peresson, director of Transparency International’s pharmaceuticals and healthcare programme, saying:

From the politician to the patient, corruption has all too sadly become just a part of doing business. But that needs to stop here, and our research is an attempt to begin the fight back. We need a multi-stakeholder approach and a united front against corruption in the health sector. It’s time we all put corruption at the forefront of our minds and stop burying our heads in the sand.

Access to drugs has been corrupted. It is a common knowledge that pharmaceutical and medical technology companies are not always driven by public health needs. The desire to make profits is far much greater and it has been pointed out by Médecins Sans Frontières that this quest for profitability can be used to unduly influence public and government agencies’ decisions. In the same article by theBMJ, Richard Laing, professor of global health at Boston University is quoted saying

In the US the government decision makers, the senators, and the congressmen have been well and truly paid not to use the power of the purchaser to ensure the availability of affordable medicines.”

Big pharmaceutical companies are using their mammoth financial resources to directly or indirectly influence law makers to surreptitiously serve their interests when it comes to setting up legal frameworks for drugs. Public oversight has been corrupted. The end result is that the people who vote these governments into power are suffering the consequences. This trend will not be broken easily!

I recently watched a video about one ground breaking product, ASEA Redox Signalling Molecule technology. The guys behind this technology gave some samples to sick people for testing and the results were phenomenal. When some folks from big pharmaceutical companies heard about it, they arranged for a meeting with the ASEA people, where they wanted to buy the technology and stop giving samples to sick people.

The folks from the big pharmaceutical company promised the ASEA guys big money, but they refused as that would have hidden the amazing technology from the common man forever. ASEA is now on market, as a dietary supplement. Many people are reporting positive results from it. There are many stories out there like this. Essiac Tea, as a cure for Cancer is another.

Research and development is another area where medical corruption is rearing its ugly head. In this area, researchers sometimes publish fake data; researchers sometimes may  not disclose conflicts of interest; researchers may design medical trials that downplay known harms of some drugs; and companies may suppress negative findings in order to ensure that there is financial gain from their preliminary investments in a drug.

There are many cases of corruption in the medical industry all over the world. Both developed and developing countries have their on share of this evil. Even though mechanisms are being put forward as to how to deal with this scourge, I do not think there will be any improvement.

The purpose of this article is to alert you as a person to be aware of this menace in our countries, so that you must know the kind of world where we are living in. At the end of the day, your health is in your own hands. You have to decide what is best for you.

Someone said that even the curriculum that is taught in the medical schools has been influenced by some indirect forces of medical corruption in the sense that what is being taught is basically aimed at creating an environment where big pharmaceutical companies will continue to sell their drugs and make profits.

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