It has often been said that we live and die at cellular level. It is, therefore, important to pay attention to scientific innovations that improve cellular health. In recent months, I have been busy studying the concept of Redox Signalling among cells after stumbling on an exciting testimony by a Filipino lady, whose daughter almost died from abnormal cells in her blood.

In my studies, I have learnt that our bodies are composed of more than 30 trillion cells. If all these cells are healthy, then our overall condition is a healthy one. We can never have healthy organs  if the cells in those organs are damaged. In his book, The Science of Healing Revealed:New Insights into Redox Signaling, Gary Samuelson, who holds a PhD in Atomic and Medical Physics, points out that all health challenges can be linked to damaged cells.

Every cell in our body contains hundreds to thousands of mitochondria, which convert the energy from the food that we eat into a form that cells can use; this energy is known as ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). Apart from producing ATP, the mitochondria are also spinning out two sets of reactive molecules known as Redox Signaling Molecules. These molecules are absolutely important for cellular health and proper function.

There are currently thousands of studies published on Redox Signaling. In a a nutshell, Redox Signalling molecules act as cellular message carriers, helping to protect, rejuvenate, and keep cells functioning at optimal levels.
When one part of the body is damaged,  a mixture of certain special molecules becomes unbalanced causing them to unleash redox reactions sending signals to the body’s defenses to respond. 

Age, toxins, and environmental stress eventually diminish cellular function thereby hampering the body’s ability to create and maintain a proper balance of redox signaling molecules. It has been pointed out that a
healthy baby is born with 100% cell efficiency, while the average 70 year old has only 10% cellular efficiency. This calls for a mechanism that can prop up redox signalling in adults to boost cellular efficiency. 

The first company to record a breakthrough in that direction is ASEA, with their revolutionary technology that replicates redox signaling molecules outside of the human body. Their work spans more than 17 years and has produced 31 patents to date. Their stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules, which come in a well packaged ASEA bottles,  are native to the body, with zero levels of toxicity.

I usually study a lot about dietary supplements before making any recommendations to anyone. I also buy them and use them first before making any comments. In October, 2018, I bought four bottles of ASEA as well as four tubes of RENU 28. I have been using them for the past two months, even though I do not have any medical conditions. My general impression is that these products are very good.

At some point, some folks from big pharmaceutical companies met the founders of ASEA and offered them big sums of money with an aim of selling these supplements at exorbitant prices, thereby denying the common man on the street the right to wellness. The selfless founders of ASEA refused and are now making this product available to as many people as possible. Please find an interesting presentation on ASEA below:

If you are having medical challenges, especially those ones of abnormal cells, I strongly recommend that you should give ASEA a try. If you interested in this dietary supplement, please do not hesitate to contact me. There is a Facebook group, where folks from all walks of life are sharing their amazing experiences with ASEA.

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