I have got some very exciting news to people who like Rain International’s seed-based nutrition products in Southern Africa. Rain CORE and PURE are now available in the region. The promotion for the PRE-SALE KITs is on until end of February!!!!

I have published a post on Rain CORE on this blog before. In the near future, I will write something for PURE. But in a nutshell, Rain PURE is the first Pro and Pre-biotic with a seed blend to compliment. It promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal track. This has an effect of improving the overall health status of a person.

The folks in Namibia are very excited by this development. They are calling for a meeting tomorrow, 23.2.2018, where Dr Shikongo will give a powerful Motivational Talk on the Psychology of Success and Win-Win Entrepreneurship.

The meeting will be held at Windhoek West Guest House, 38 Mozart Street from 15h00. If you are in Windhoek and are interested in seed-based nutrition, you do not have to miss this one.

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