In March 2018, I wrote about Trevo’s popularity in Southern Africa. Trevo was really growing very fast. They had many distributors and in July 2018, they opened a distribution depot in Namibia. Many Trevo distributors in Namibia received the news with gladness because importing products through Tanzania and South Africa was costly; the process was also characterised by many delays.

The openning of the Trevo depot in Namibia came at the same time as the closure of Trevo business in Tanzania, due to fraud amongst the Trevo business leaders in that country. This affected countries such as Malawi, which now had to start importing the product from Nairobi, Kenya.

While Trevo Namibia is doing well, the brand is suffering in most parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. This was confirmed to me earlier today by one of my Malawian friends, who is also an ardent fan of natural health products. He was one of the big distributors of Trevo in Malawi until March, 2019.

He informed me that Trevo closed the South Africa depot because the South Africa team did not meet the sales target. Nairobi depot was also closed recently leaving Namibia only in this part of Africa.

Now many Trevo customers in countries such as Malawi, Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya are now busy looking for alternative natural health products. This creates room for the likes of Rain International, which is currently active in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana and Nigeria.

I have questions on this rapid downturn in Trevo’s business in this part of the world. Is this product really good? Why did they close business in Nairobi? Why were their sales poor in South Africa? How is Trevo performing in other markets? What is the future of Trevo in general?

A big lesson to distributors out there is that you must never put your eggs in one basket. If you are a fan of natural health products, it is very important to be on the lookout for new developments and trends in the market.

Apart from seed-based nutrition, ASEA Redox signalling technology is another exciting development in natural health supplements.

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