Thandile Nododile, a very enterprising young man, who was my student in Computer Architecture last year, has been working on a web app for automatic creation of CVs and cover letters for more than two years. The young man has finally released his app and it can be accessed at C-vity.

Thandile is a very passionate tech entrepreneur who believes that failure doesn’t actually mean you are a failure; it just means you haven’t found a way to succeed. I am yet to meet him physically as all our classes were virtually online. But he is that special student who is clearly destined for big things in life.

His c-vity app is aimed at serving as a platform for people to create professional CVs and cover letter. So far, over 77% of people who used his platform have succeeded in getting work opportunities throughout South Africa. Both graduate students and experienced professionals have benefited from his service.

Once users fill in their information such as education and work experience, the c-vity app app crafts a professional, decent and well written curriculum vitae (CV) along with a motivational letter.

Payment is done only after the users have seen how their CV will look like and approve it. Once payment has been completed, a full CVs and motivational letter are sent via to the user via email and WhatsApp.

Thandile boasts that his team knows what employers want. Therefore, they can produce beautiful, decent and professional CVs, that will get people to work or receive a success application status. His team offers 24/7 support and the prices are the best in the market to accommodate more people who are in need.

As part of future plans, Thandile plans to release a responsive mobile application so that people can create their CVs in the palm of their hands with ease and comfort. He is also busy exploring partnerships in the sector that we are in and scale a team of business.

The young man is really passionate about his app, and he can only go up from here!

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