I truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to leave a legitimate comment here on my site.That’s why I installed the “NoFollow Free” plugin on this blog. I am of the view that if I do good to others, they will also do the same to me in one way or the other.However, as you all know, there is a growing number of people on the Internet who try to leave spammy or empty comments on “NoFollow Free” blogs purely for the link value and not to contribute to the discussion. I would like to inform all commenters that I reserve the right to delete a link from a comment or to delete a comment all together if I feel it’s necessary.

Deep linking is not allowed unless there is a special relationship between my post and your article. Also, if you leave keywords instead of your name in the name field, your comment will be deleted automatically.  If I end up deleting the link from a comment that was well-intended, I apologize in advance, but I’m sure you’ll understand and you’ll be back to contribute again!